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Stay Home

We have amazing news for you,
According to the current situation in the world, we also join and follow to request #Stayhome and are part of all required activities. But also, all of us trying to keep and find motivation, gain new experience and use time of being at home more productively and efficiently That’s why we decided to continue our photo challenges in #Stayhome conditions.

We challenge you to create all challenge photos at home, let’s see how creative can we be in one space, how we can play with ideas, decorations, lighting, and all our equipment. So we have 2 MUST requirements:

1. All photos should be taken after the announcement of the topic
2. The photo must be taken at home

On the other hand, after all these will finish, as visual chronographers of our epoch, we offer you to make one common exhibition and print a photo book dedicated to this period

The challenge topics and rules will be shared on our website, Instagram, Facebook pages and in our Facebook groups as well.