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Photo contest - a pandemic and women in Georgia

Photo contest – a pandemic and women in Georgia The aim of the photo contest is to increase support for gender equality, strengthen support for women, and the fight against domestic violence.        The initiators and organizers of the competition are: the EU project “EU in Support of the Intergovernmental Commission on Gender Equality” and “Indigo”. As a result of the new Coronavirus pandemic, quarantine, and isolation, along

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Tbilisi Time-Lapse

Tbilisi Time-Lapse As you know, Georgia photo agency hosted a Time-Lapse photography workshop last week. A good experience where friends are interested in this style of photography that requires a lot of patience. Along with drinking hot drinks, we also took time-lapse photography tutorials. In this workshop, we will discuss the principles of scheduling. We talked about working with the remote control and how to work with the camera for

Tbilisi Time-lapse Workshop

Tbilisi Time-lapse Workshop Workshop + Post -Processing master class. Let pin 14 of December in your calendar as “Tbilisi Time-lapse” photography day and Join our Workshop tour. Time-lapse photography is very impressive and looks quite difficult, but let work together find out how easy it is to do with the camera gear you already have. We will start the workshop with a half-hour of how-to, where we will learn what settings we’ll need to use

Smile Photography Contest

Click a Smile is an annual photography competition conducted by The Akshaya Patra Foundation.Open to photography enthusiasts – amateur and professional – across the world.Contestants can upload their